Device Verification System

بره په ډاونلو بټن کلېک👆👆👆 کړئ او بېا په Device verification بټن کلېک کړئ

The PTA device verification system is used in this app.
This app provides information about PTA device registration and verification.
and think about it!!!
This app is not affiliated with the government.

All information for this application can be obtained from: .

The purpose of registering your device in this pta app is only to share information that is available online for free. This application is not affiliated with any government or organization. We are also not affiliated with any other website or application.
The PTA has launched the Complaint Management System (CMS) mobile application for the convenience of telecom users. The application has the following features:
– Registering complaints with various services, such as telecommunication services
Provision of services like mobile phone registration / DIRBS and stolen mobile phones
Mobile phone/IMEI related complaints, Internet content related complaints etc.
Follow up on complaint status.
Consideration of complaints.
– Individual user complaint history.
– Consumer research on various topics

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