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The new season of WhatsApp Mods is finally here. GB WhatsApp Lite is unavoidable. It is a popular WhatsApp mod, and many other mods are inspired by it. It is superior to many modified apps and has fewer bugs.

WhatsApp Mini or Whatsapp Lite looks and functions almost identical to the official Whatsapp app, with minor differences. This article will explain the differences between GBWhatsapp lite & the official Whatsapp app.

It will help you decide whether to use GBWhatsApp Mini or the official Whatsapp app. Also you can Download Netflix mod apk premium version.

About Gb Whatsapp Lite

The most widely used instant messaging software, WhatsApp Lite Apk, provides free messaging, calling, and video data via strong internet services. Due of its nature and one billion monthly active users, it has ingrained itself into every internet user.

GB WhatsApp Lite (or GB WhatsApp) is a modified version for the most well-known social messenger WhatsApp. It is the same functions as the official WhatsApp, but it has new features. You can also replace some of the functions that aren’t available in the original application.

Gb Whatsapp Mini Mod Menu

GBWhatsApp MINi is a lite version WhatsApp MOD. It is for users who require lower resource consumption but still want to enjoy the main benefits of WhatsApp.

App NameGB WhatsApp Lite
Size29 MB
Worldwide Downloads500M+
Google Play IDcom.whatsapp
Requirements4.1 and up
Average Rating On Play Store4.4
Root RequiredNo
Mod FeaturesCustomization, Privacy Features, Auto-Reply, and Schedule Messages

Gb Whatsapp Lite Apk Latest Features

GB WhatsApp Lite APK offers tons of features. Some are identical to the official version, while others are more advanced. It offers more features than other mods. It is the most trusted WhatsApp Mod. These are the key features of this mod:

  • Auto-Reply: This feature allows you to automatically reply to messages sent from private or business accounts.
  • DND – This mod disables notifications and messages from WhatsApp while you’re watching a movie or are otherwise distracted.
  • Broadcast text messages – This is not possible in all mods.
  • Filter Messages: This option allows you to clear chats and filter your messages.
  • Share location – This mod allows you to share your current location with friends.
  • Effects – You can create unique effects on photos and videos, then send them to others.
  • Media Sharing – You can send as many pictures as you like in one message. This mod supports over 90 images per time, 50 MBs video and 100 MBs audio clips.
  • You can add different themes to your mod and change it as you like.
  • Download Statuses – Download photos and videos that have been uploaded to your status by other contacts.
  • Fonts – You can change the font size, shape and color according to your preference.
  • Messages History: A user can view the history of revoked message from different contacts or groups.
  • Multiple Languages – It supports multiple languages. You can also set the default language in the settings.
  • Notification – Receive a notification whenever anyone changes their profile photo. You can also choose to hide pop up notifications from your main screen.

Features Explanation:


There may be unwanted ads in the standard version, as well as other versions that do not have the no ads feature. These ads can sometimes be irritating. The GB Whatsapp has a no-ads option. This feature will ensure that you don’t see ads while using the app, or calling someone.

Hide Being Online and Status

You can hide your online Status, if you’re online, and even your Last Seen(last exact time online), as well. You can control your privacy settings, and even customize them. It is easy to hide a status or a person’s information from several people at once using the app.

Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging is a new feature in the GB Whatsapp APK. You can now message multiple people simultaneously and I’m not referring to the group messages. This feature should be tried at least once in order to get a better understanding.

Message Scheduler

Bulk messaging is a new feature in the GB Whatsapp APK. You can now message multiple people simultaneously and I’m not referring to the group messages. This feature should be tried at least once in order to get a better understanding.

Similar Interface To The Standard Version Of The App

It’s easy to switch from the standard version to this GB version of WhatsApp if you are an existing user of whatsapp. This app is easy to use, as it has the same interface as the standard version. The options available in the older version of the app are still available in the new GB whatsapp. You will also receive all the new features of GB WhatsApp when you download it here.

Night Mode In The Whatsapp Lite APK

The GB WhatsApp apk lite app also has night mode. Enabling it will prevent you from being disturbed by calls and messages until you have turned it off. NIght can be used at any time. It can also be used in the same way as DND mode (do not disturb), because they both have the same purpose.

Visible Deleted Message

If you accidentally delete a message and want to see it later, or if you wish to see the deleted messages of someone else, the standard version cannot be viewed. With the help of GB Whatsapp APK lite, you can view those messages. 

Every deleted message will also be visible regardless of whether they were deleted. The status of messages will also be visible, even if deleted.

Comparison of GB Whatsapp Apk and Other Modded Versions of Whatsapp

People often get confused when they see all the different versions of the WhatsApp app. We are going to compare the most popular and requested versions of WhatsApp.

  • Gb Whatsapp vs YoWhatsapp Although GB Whatsapp is similar in features, YoWhatsapp has a distinct display and theme. YoWhatsapp offers completely different themes and displays to its users. The UI is unique, but GB Whatsapp has a similar theme and display to the standard app.
  • Gb Whatsapp vs FM Whatsapp Gb Whatsapp is similar to FM Whatsapp in privacy settings, status hiding and being able delete messages. There are two major differences: themes and copying messages. You can hide the “forwarded”, date and time, and top of messages copied in FM Whatsapp. You can also change the interface and theme of the app.
  • Gb Whatsapp vs OgWhatsapp Gb Whatsapp, OgWhatsapp, and other apps are both under the same umbrella. They have similar features and intent for users. The OgWhatsapp is a modded apk of standard whatsapp. It has more themes and other features than the GBWhatsapp Lite apk.
  • Gb Whatsapp vs All Other Modded Versions You can also find other versions of standard whatsapp, which can be used to compare with the app. All of these are explained in the articles below.

How To Install And Download GB WhatsApp Lite Apk?

It’s a pleasure to add another awesome WhatsApp mod to our long list. Our website offers many mods for users who are already using GBWhatsApp. Download the latest version. Uninstall the older one first.

It’s not a good idea to install old versions. Always choose the most recent version. Check the minimum system requirements and available storage space before installing. Below is the complete installation guide.

  • Open the security settings tab, and then allow Unknown Sources. After you have allowed these options, the app can be installed through a browser or via a website.
  • Click the button to download the GB WhatsApp Lite APK from the provided link. The download usually starts in about 15 seconds.
  • Click on the file you downloaded and open File Manager. Wait for it to install. Register with a number and open the app.

Can I Download a New Version of the App for Free?

The GB Whatsapp lite is completely free to download and it’s secure. The app is intended to provide greater privacy and allow the user to customize every aspect of the app in his own way. The app’s version is the most current version of the standard app.

This means that every time a new version is released, the WhatsappLite version gets updated. You can download the latest GB WhatsApp APK from this link for free.


Which is original GB WhatsApp?

One example of a modified version of the chat application is GB WhatsApp. have downloaded this app many times over its lifetime, pretending that it is the original WhatsApp. Others chose to take advantage of its extra features over WhatsApp.

Which GBWhatsApp app is the best?

GBWhatsApp is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Because of its unique features, GBWhatsApp is extremely popular with users. There are many WhatsApp mods, but GBWhatsApp is the best.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

The GB WhatsApp Android APK is the most popular boosted version the original WhatsApp app for Android phones with many additional features. WhatsApp is one of many social apps available, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It allows users to connect over Wi-Fi with other WhatsApp users.

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